Dragon Journal


Students in Mr. Underwood’s leadership class finished creating their own dream boards. Mr. Underwood talked to his class about how important it is to have a plan and to set goals for the future. Each student had to think of some of the goals he wanted to accomplish in the future and print out a picture that represented that goal to put onto a poster board. The board each student made included goals from him that he wants to achieve in one year, five years and ten years. When asked what his biggest goal was on his board, Caleb Kirschner said, “Happiness,” which is found on his ten year section of his board. I want to have a loving wife and little kids running around… I want to be somebody that my kids and others want to look up to. That’s my biggest goal.”

Safe Room and Multi Progress

Although the safe room is taking a little longer than expected, people are working hard to complete it. The workers currently have finished the black under coat. They still have to put the rubber on the top and paint all of the lines. After they complete the flooring, they have to let it sit for at least ten days before it can be used. With the multi purpose room, they have to put on the wood flooring that goes on top and get all of that situated to perfection. “We are not where we want to be, but both of the floors should be finished within two to three weeks,” stated Dr. Hirschi.


          Updated view of the Multi-purpose room floor

Progress on the new floor in the Safe Room

Kindergarten Welcomes Fall

The kindergarten class got introduced to the seasons this week. They learned what the four seasons are and when they occur. Since fall has now arrived, the students made fall trees using colorful paint and paper. I asked a few students what it means to be in the season “Fall”. Sophia and Bellamie said that it means the leaves are all falling off the trees. In another class a student, Riley, said, “It means the leaves are changing colors and then falling down.”


Ag Class - Candles

FFA students recently attended fall contest at Northwest Missouri State University. All teams did very well and are ready to take on the rest of the year competing at contests. Currently FFA students are making candles to sell. This year they added three new scents; lush linen, peppermint bark, and blue spruce. They are also selling BBQ seasonings this year which have been selling very quickly. National Convention is coming up on October 24-27.

AG Science 1 classes are working on career exploration to figure out what classes they need to take in high school according to what they want to do when they graduate. Once they finish career exploration they will also making candles.

Crystal Survey

Ms. Freeman’s Material Science and Engineering class has been working on creating the most unique crystal for a little over a week. Each student was given one class period to research which crystal they were going to make and they were given three class periods to create it. During the fourth class period the students analyzed their crystals, looking at things like the weight. Mrs. Campbell will soon be helping Ms. Freeman create a survey on the Mid-Buchanan Facebook page for everyone to vote on which crystal looks the most unique.                                                                   

High School Book Fair

This year’s book fair was held from October 9-11 in the high school library. The selection was very diverse and catered from preschool to adult best sellers. They had some new groups, like graphic novels and books about video games. According to one of the librarians, Mrs. Rosenauer, many books about World War II and the Holocaust are a hot seller this year. An interesting feature at this year’s book fair was all the Harry Potter items for the 20th anniversary of the series. There was everything from lanyards to keychains to bookmarks that were Harry Potter themed. Mrs. Rosenauer commented, “Thanks to everyone for the support.”

Little Dragons Get a Visit from the Fire Department

The elementary students had the fire department come visit them for a day. The day was planned to be outside, but due to the weather it was moved inside to the commons area. They learned about the importance of knowing what to do in a scary situation, such as stop, drop, roll. Some students even demonstrated how to do this. The firemen showed the kids what they would look like when they have the mask on, so they won’t be scared if they ever have to see them. The younger students were interested in everything going on, and when the firefighters were talking, they paid close attention and asked a lot of questions.

Mrs. Green’s Class smiled with Firefighter, Brian Hunter,

after they listened to him talk about his suit.

The firetruck sat outside with firefighter, Jeff Grubb,

as he turned on all the sirens and lights for the kids.

Mrs. Steiner’s students raise their hands politely to ask

firefighter, Dennis Johnson, about the fire alarms inside  

a home.

What’s the Weather Like?

In geography, the 7th graders are currently working on a climate region project. The students work in partners on a specific climate region and research information and facts about their region. The students are working on a wide variety of different climates. One pair of partners is currently getting information on the tropical rainforest. “There are a lot of differences and interesting facts between each climate,” said a student. They all enjoy researching about their climates and would also like to learn about each others climates. When the students are finished working on the project, they will present the information they gathered to the class and write information about each of the presentations given.

Red Ribbon Week

Next week, October 22-24th, the elementary will participate in Red Ribbon Week. The students will have three dress up days next week due to parent teacher conferences. The dress up days include: Pajama Day on Monday, Silly Hats/Crazy Hair Day on Tuesday, and Drug Free Wear Red Day on Wednesday. The students will have discussions with Mrs. Cross about the introduction to drugs and how bad the influence can be. She will answer the questions the students have about drugs, peer pressure, and alcohol.  This week each students made a red ribbon with his name written on it to hang up as a pledge to be drug free. The elementary makes a pledge as a school to be drug free.

Pre-school students color their ribbons for Red Ribbon Week.

Parent Pickup

Parent pickups have changed this year for Mid-Buchanan. In the past, parents have always picked their kids up in the front of the school by the buses. However, this year kids are picked up in the back of the school. Deputy BJ King, who directs traffic for the school, believes the new change is more effective and is much safer for elementary students. Elementary kids are kept away from the paved lot where high school students are driving. When asked about negative aspects, he stated that cars get backed up on westbound shoulder and it’s hard for people turning onto the highway from the paved lot. Deputy King wants to thank the elementary staff for doing “an extraordinary job getting students safely loaded in cars.” He thinks they deserve notice.

New parent pick up area located in the back of the school.