Dragon Journal

Dragon Journal #9

New Year, New Routes - Brandon Martin

The new year has started and our school has made new bus routes to help the students get on the bus safely. Over the first couple of weeks since the change, the new routes are going well. There were a few adjustments that had to be made, but other than learning their new routes, the drivers have no problems. Also, there were no major problems with the buses over the holiday break, so all of them are running smoothly.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the Preschool - Jaele Barber

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was on Monday, January 21st. The preschoolers learned about Martin Luther King Jr. by reading a book about him. Ms. Ussary read a book to the students called Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The book was about a class learning about Martin and how he had a dream. The students in the book got to come up with their own dream that they wanted. Ms. Ussary let the students do their own “I have a dream..” The students told Ms. Ussary what their dream was to make the world a better place. The students then got to hang their “dreams” in the hall.

Concert and Chamber Choir - Mackenzie Welch

On December 16th, the concert choir and select chamber choir gave a performance at First Presbyterian church in St Joseph. The select choir began with two standards of chamber choir, “Something Told the Wild Geese” and “Shoshone Love Song”.  Their Christmas work was a fantastic gospel rendition of “Have You Seen the Baby”? The Select Choir is a group of ten singers that auditioned back in April of 2018. The Concert Choir is the larger of the choirs at Mid-Buchanan. This group includes the members of Select Choir plus another thirty musicians. This group sang arrangements of “Only Hope” and the spiritual “Let Me Ride”.  For their Christmas songs, they performed “All is Well” which is a traditional English Carol Song and “Where are you Christmas” from the movie The Grinch.  This is the first performance for the choirs outside the school grounds. First Presbyterian allowed us the use of their sanctuary free of charge. There were about three hundred audience members, including both HS administrators and the Superintendent. The next performance for both groups will be at State Large Ensemble contest in April.

Ms. Beers - Gage Reed

Ms. Beers’ class is currently doing fractions for mathematics. The students participate in “Fraction Play Stations”. This activity uses sports such as bowling, basketball, golf, ring toss, and bing bag toss, to help the students learn fractions. For each sport there is a task assigned and the students keep track how many successful attempts they received. After they figure the number of successful attempts out of the number of total attempts and create a fraction. For example, with basketball the student receives six attempts to make the ball into the basket. The student records how many shots were made and creates a fraction. In golf the student must stand behind the designated line with the yardstick. The student gets 4 attempts to to roll the ball in the hole. The number of successful attempts is recorded and turned into a fraction.

100 Point AR Trip - Madison Kovac

Students who earned 100 Accelerated Reader points in the first semester become apart of the 100 AR point club and are able to attend a field trip. There are 14 students who were eligible to attend the field trip on January 31st. The students attended the play Secret Soldiers at the Coterie Theatre in Kansas City. After the play, the students picked where they ate lunch at a Barry road location. Finally, the students went to Barnes and Noble to shop for new books.

Mr. Gibson Major Wars Class- Riley Brill

In Mr. Gibson’s major wars class, they are learning about the Cold War. The class has learned about other big factors that played a huge part during the Cold War like the Berlin Airlift and the Marshall Plan. They have learned about the major leaders of each country that had a large roll during the Cold War like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, who were the Presidents of the United States throughout the timeline. Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain, and Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union. The Cold War was not really a physical war with actual fighting but more with verbal disputes, and trying to keep Communism from spreading throughout Europe. Right now they are watching a video on the Berlin Wall. The video talks about the rise and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall divided the city of Berlin

in Germany. The east side was ruled by the Communists of the Soviet Union. The west side was controlled by the United States, Britain, and France.

7th and 8th Graders Switching Classes - Brandon Martin

Now that the new semester has started, the 7th and 8th graders are switching between taking wellness and physical education classes. In wellness, the 7th graders are currently learning on three major topics. They include decision making, setting goals, their action plan, and their character in health and life. For the 8th graders, they are starting their wall ball unit, which will last for a total of five days. On the first day, they learn how to play the game. Then they start competitions for the rest of the days for the unit.

Preschool Continues Nutrition - Jaele Barber

Ms. Debbie came to talk to the preschoolers about grains. Grains are a big part of the food group. Ms. Debbie taught them about the different foods in the grain food group. She read them a book called Grains that was nonfiction. The book included pictures of real kids trying bread, crackers, and flatbread. Ms. Debbie also brought the students their own bread, crackers, and flatbread, which were all whole grain. The students got to try the different snacks and gave a thumbs up if they liked it, or a thumbs down if they did not like it.

Art “GO HEAVY” Painting- Riley Brill

Samantha Waller has been working on the “Go Heavy” painting in the weightroom lately. Here is some of the process.

This is when she just had the stencils up on the wall.

This picture is when she had the words outlined and she was starting to fill them in.

This is what the painting looks like currently. There are still a few spots that are going to get touched up, and after that the painting will be completed.

Environmental Chemistry- Hope Erganian

Ms.Freeman’s environmental chemistry class is starting a new project. The class wants to figure out how much food the students waste from their lunch at school. Together, the class is going to be testing 50 students total. Each member of the class will choose a few students to find at lunch. Any food that the student does not eat off their lunch tray will be put into a bag. The class is going to weigh the food after lunch and figure out how much food we waste just from our school lunches. They are going to base the percentage of wasted food off of the high school students alone. Although they are doing the project over high school students, the class thinks if they tested the elementary that the percentages would be higher.

Elementary P.E. - Gage Reed

Mrs. Duran’s third grade P.E class is currently doing an elimination game using the volleyball net. In this game, there is a team on both sides of the net. One player serves the ball by throwing it over the net. The other team must catch the ball and throw it back. If a player drops the ball or the ball hits the ground nearest to the player, then that player is eliminated from the game. After a player is eliminated the ball goes to whichever team won the match. If there is only one player remaining on a team then that player always gets to serve. The teams are required to rotate servers so everyone gets the chance to serve. The last team standing wins the game.

Staff “Soup-er Bowl” - Jaele Barber

The staff members got together and decided to have a soup contest on Friday, February 1st, inspired by Mrs. Smith. The soup contest is a play on words in honor of the Super Bowl which was on Sunday, February 3rd. The staff members who wanted to participate in the “Bowl of Soup” contest, brought in a soup for lunch on Friday, forall the staff to taste and try. Six staff members brought in different soups. After the staff tried the soups, they voted on which one was their favorite. When the voting was over, the winner was Mrs. Raines.

FCCLA STAR Event State Qualifiers - Brylee Kemper

Last Thursday, Mrs. Boyer and a group of members of Mid-Buchanan’s FCCLA club competed in the regional FCCLA STAR Event competition in Chillicothe, Missouri. Out of eight students that competed, six will be moving on to the state competition in March. Abby Hanway, Kristen Chaney, Lindsey Kauffman, Faith Miller, and Lexi Puett all scored the highest in their category. Jenna Ellison received a gold rating, qualifying for state, and got second in her category. Maddie Campbell and Teresa Hanway earned a silver rating in their category that had stiff competition. The state group will compete again in a few months on March 18th at Tan-Tar-A Resort.

Grain Lab - Brylee Kemper

The nutrition class, taught by Mrs. Boyer, did a project over making pancakes using a different grain. Students paired up and made a different type of pancake with a recipe Mrs. Boyer gave each pair. After a mini lecture about how to properly mix the ingredients when making pancakes, the students went to the kitchen to start making a refined wheat (buttermilk), cornmeal, buckwheat, wheat germ, rice, whole wheat, and oatmeal pancakes. When all the pancakes were made, each student had to try a different type of pancake and write an evaluation about how each pancake appeared, the texture of the pancake, the tenderness, flavor, and overall eating quality. The students also had to research, using the recipes, which pancake would be the healthiest choice.