Posted on 12/09/2021
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*Updated 12-9-21

The Mid-Buchanan R-V School District is dedicated to ensuring quality instructional opportunities for all students.  Throughout the 2020-21 school year, the district was able to keep the doors open the entire school and is confident we can do the same for the 2021-22 school year.  Below is the district’s plan to continue allowing for in-person instruction and the continuation of quality services for all students.


The 2020-21 school year included a face covering requirement for all students and staff for the entire year.  From late March, 2021, through the end of the school year; the Mid-Buchanan School District did not see any cases or quarantines.  Local health department data was showing a major drop in Covid related cases at the same time the district started seeing zero cases and quarantines.  As a result, following the end of the school year, the district did announce the lifting of the face covering requirement for summer school but still encouraged the use of face coverings as being optional.  At this time, the intent of the district is to begin the 2021-22 school year with face coverings being allowed and optional. 

The continuation of more intensive cleaning practices will remain in place as the district moves into the 2021-22 school year.  The district will continue to invest in sanitizing products for all classrooms and offices along with multiple hand sanitizer stations positioned throughout the building.  As with any school year, we are dedicated to continuing our efforts with teaching and reinforcing the importance of careful handwashing.

Physical distancing requirements have also been lifted, but the district will continue to monitor localized health department data, along with our district data, as it relates to the impact of Covid-19 cases and quarantines.  As a result, the district is fully prepared to reinstate all mitigation strategies used during the 2020-21 school year should local health data support the need to do so in an effort to maintain a higher level of safety for all students and staff.

The district developed contract tracing procedures as the past school year progressed.  Just by chance, the district had already invested in a complete upgrade of cameras throughout the district, which helped with tracing at various times.  Teachers were asked to keep seating charts throughout the year as were bus drivers.  The district will be ready to reinstate these practices immediately if needed.

Once vaccines became available to educators, the district provided information to all staff members on how to sign up to receive the vaccine.  The district did not, and does not plan to, utilize district facilities to host vaccination implementation.  The district did not mandate staff members receive the vaccination.  We are dedicated to providing all pertinent information to staff members to ensure they feel well informed on how to acquire a vaccine should they choose to do so.  The district’s nurse’s office did not provide formal diagnoses or screening for Covid-19 and does not plan to do so moving forward.  If students were exhibiting potential symptoms of the virus, the nurse’s office would immediately contact parents to pick up the child.  The district’s intent is to continue this practice.

Any students with disabilities needing accommodations will continue to be provided any and all supports needed to ensure his/her safety in regards to health. 


The time lost last spring was certainly unfortunate, but it is the district’s belief that our current instructional practices and assessment practices has produced data to support that any learning loss was minimal as we were fully in-person this past school year.  The district has always had and will continue before school and after school tutoring supports for any students struggling for any reason.

The district’s upgraded technology infrastructure and 1:1 technology opportunities allowed for virtual access to any student impacted by Covid-19 during the past school year.  Moving into the 2021-22 school year, the district will no longer provide the ‘MB Online’ virtual option.  As a result, the district will support the utilization of MOCAP to provide virtual learning opportunities for any student that needs that support.



The district evaluated the impact on our student population as we ended last spring’s virtual learning experience.  The Mid-Buchanan School District does not have a high ‘at risk’ population due to the specific demographics that encompasses our district’s enrollment.  Our focus began by ensuring all students had adequate access to a device and internet accessibility.  The district immediately invested in hot spots to provide to families in need.  The district will continue to provide a hot spot to families in need of this support free of charge.

The district also provided meal delivery to families in need from last March through last June.  In the event of another long term closure, the district will quickly be positioned to allow for this support again.



As stated earlier, the district will continue to provide tutoring supports for any student in need of academic help.  Knowing that the last year has also impacted the emotional well-being of students and staff, the district is hiring a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to be on-site which will allow for more in depth strategies to be utilized for social, emotional, and mental help.  A portion of the district’s allocation will be budgeted to help offset the cost of this position.  However, once ESSER III funding is no longer available, it is the intent of the district to still employ this position but payable with all local funds.



On June, 9th 2021, the district engaged a planning group consisting of administrators, teachers, community members, Board member, technology director, maintenance director, student council president, and PTO president to help provide guidance for the district on how to best utilize the district’s ESSER III allocation.  Multiple ideas were discussed and several are being researched further to see if they clearly fall within the allowable activities that the funds can be used for. 


Following the planning meeting and the time dedicated to researching options for the utilization of the funds allocated to the school district, the budget submitted to DESE encompassed using a portion to support teachers’ salaries, replace HVAC units, install air purifiers in more condensed areas (locker rooms), and fund the hiring of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.



The planning group will reconvene every six months to review the current plan and make revisions as necessary.  Following the review meeting, any revisions will be updated in this document and posted to the district’s website at

*Highlighted portions are updates made since the original document in June of 2021.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out Jay Albright, superintendent, by calling 816-238-1646 or email [email protected].