Proof of Residency


Proof of Residency


As part of a continued focus on maintaining fiscal accountability to our taxpayers and patrons, ensuring our tax dollars are spent on Mid-Buchanan County R-V students, the District requires proof of residency for all students annually.  STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENROLL OR SIGN UP FOR CLASSES UNTIL RESIDENCY IS VERIFIED.

Proof of Residency Instructions

Current and new students must complete a Residency Verification Form
 AND provide two of the following documents. (Note: Documents provided in person must be original documents.)

Document provided for verification must:

  • Include parent(s)/guardian(s) name(s) and current address.
  • Be dated for the current fiscal school year, but also within 30 days of the date of verification. For example, if the document is provided on July 25, 2019, it must be dated June 25, 2019 or later. As further clarification, a new student enrolling on November 1, 2019, must provide an acceptable residency verification document dated no earlier than October 1, 2019.

    Acceptable Documentation:

    • Utility bill (electric, gas, sewer, or water). No final or disconnect notices accepted.
    • Current residential lease agreement signed by resident/parent & landlord.
    • Residential housing contract (purchase).

      Unacceptable Documentation:

    • Telephone bill
    • Cable bill
    • Drivers License
    • Printed check
    • General mail
    • Property tax receipt
    • Residential warranty deed
    • Bank statement
    • Insurance bill 

    If you have multiple students in the District, only one proof of residency form is required for the entire family. 


    Proof of Residency Questions

    What if I am temporarily living with someone within district boundaries? Can my child attend Mid-Buchanan R-V School District?

    Yes, the following documentation must be provided:

    • Affidavit of Residence (Resident/Homeowner), AND Resident/Homeowner must provide an Acceptable Original Document AND Parent/Guardian must provide Affidavit of Residence (Parent/Guardian). The Parent/Guardian must provide one of the following original documents within 45 days of enrollment:
    • Recent paycheck stub with name and current address
    • Recent insurance bill with name and current address
    • Recent bank statement with name and current address
    • Federal, state, or court documents with name and current address



    Necessary Forms:

    Affidavit of Residence (Resident/Homeowner)

    Affidavit of Residence (Parent/Guardian)


    What if my family moves during the school year?

    New proof of residency documentation is required each time a change of address occurs. Verification must be provided to the District within 30 days.


    Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding proof of residency?

    During the summer months please call the District Office at 816-238-1646, ext 183 and during the school year contact your child's school.


    Waiver of Residency