Clinic Information

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Immunization Information

According to Missouri State Law, all students must be properly immunized in accordance with the standards of Missouri State Health Department before being permitted to attend school.  Medical and Religious exemptions are accepted and must be obtained from your personal physician or the Health Department. 

Medication Policy

Medications will be given during school hours when absolutely necessary.  We encourage dosage schedules which allow medicine t
o be taken before and after school hours.  If medication is required at school for long term, a form must be completed by the prescribing physician and signed by the parent.  Over the counter medication require a written parent permission including reason for medication and length of time needed.  Except for medication that is only used in emergency situation, the district will not knowingly administer the first dose of any medication.

If your student will need special assistance or additional monitoring to take their medication at school, please contact the health services staff to discuss your student's needs.

Illness Policy

We value the health of our staff and students.  If your student is ill, please keep them at home for 24 hours after symptoms subside without using medication.  Please keep your student home if they have a fever of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, or red eyes with drainage.  Please see handbook for complete list.

If the student is prescribed medication for a contagious illness such as pink eye, they must be on the prescribed medication for 24 hours before returning to school.