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Welcome to the Mid-Buchanan High School

Here you will find information about the great work Dragon students and teachers complete each and every day. In addition to these highlights, this page serves as the central location for resources for Mid-Buchanan High School academics, activities and athletics, and other school resources.

By demonstrating excellent academic performance, commitment to extra and intra-curricular activities, and a passion for helping each other and the Mid-Buchanan community, Dragons take pride.  

If there is anything that we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact the High School Office.



Chantelle Schwope

High School Principal
Email Chantelle Schwope
816-238-1646 x2230

Chris Photo

Chris Kendrick

Assistant High School Principal
Email Colby Gibson
816-238-1646 x2226

Phot o of Dragon

Ryan Shultz

Athletic Director
Email Ryan Shultz
816-238-1646 X

Office Contact

Kelsey Rosenauer

Kelsey Rosenauer

High School Secretary
Email Kelsey Rosenauer
816-238-1646 x2224


Susan Photo

Susan Pugh

High School Receptionist
Email Susan Pugh
816-238-1646 x2228

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