Preschool Class

Mid-Buchanan Preschool

Welcome to Little Dragon Preschool at Mid-Buchanan! If you wish for your child to attend our program, please add them to our waiting list. This can be done as soon as your child is born. Click on "Prospective Parents" to the left, choose the year you would like them to attend (must be 3 years old before August 1st to attend that school year), and fill out the form to add your child to that year's waiting list.

The Little Dragon Preschool follows a combination of educational approaches to best prepare your child for success in school. Project Construct is based on the Constructivist Theory of Education which states that children learn best when they are able to explore and create their own learning. As teachers, we guide and facilitate their learning as they play. We combine this strategy with some Kindergarten readiness skill instruction for students who are ready as well as Social Emotional instruction. Our instruction is developmentally appropriate to help give students the skills they need to succeed, while avoiding frustrating or overwhelming their growing brains. A solid Early Childhood foundation has been proven to be key in a child's success throughout the rest of their education. Our preschool program uses the "Really Great Reading: Launchpad" reading curriculum that is also used in Kindergarten.

Megan Wyatt Photo

Megan Wyatt

Director/Lead Teacher

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Monica Goodlet

Lead Teacher

Jessica Salem

Lead Teacher

Hannah Wheeler

Lead Teacher